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What you need to know

We have designed our programs having you in mind. Our programmes are structured in such a way that no matter what your schedules are, you will definitely find something that suits you.

Our courses

Basic Leadership Course: this is our entry level leadership programme. We have it structured into three streams;

  • The Executive Basic Leadership course: This is for General Overseers, Heads of Para-church ministries, flexible and church-minded Business Entrepreneur, Pastors, CEOs, and their Spouses. This program runs for five days to suit their busy schedules. It comes with the full course materials (Soft and hard copy), top networking opportunity, and with breakfast and lunch being served. The material we will give you will empower you to step down the training to your workers, employees and even your board of directors.
  • Regular Basic Leadership course: this is our regular 2weeks programmed for those who have the flexibility of time. It runs from Monday to Friday for 2 weeks or 6 Saturdays for weekend Programme.
  • Basic Leadership for Teenagers: - this is for students between the ages of 13-19 years old and it is a customized training. The courses are selected from the Basic Certificate Course and adapted with some other courses to fit the level of the students.

Advanced Leadership Course: this is the second stage of our training, it is meant for the graduate of Basic Leadership Course. This is structured into two streams:

  • Advanced Leadership Course - Executive, this is also a 5days programme, which runs from Monday to Friday
  • Advanced Leadership Course - Regular, this is a 2 weeks programme which runs from Monday to Friday or for 6 Saturdays for the weekend programme

Training Schedule


  • The Executive Basic Leadership - 5 days( Monday -Friday)
  • Regular Basic Leadership course - 2 weeks ( Monday -Friday)
  • Basic Leadership for Teenagers - 5 days (Monday -Friday)


The Weekend Leadership Certificate Course (Basic and Advanced) is designed for busy people who cannot make out time during weekdays to attend lectures. The weekend programmes run Saturdays only for the specified duration.

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