The modules have been placed in segments and the days shortened. NOW 2 days each.

Presently DLA runs its Basic Leadership Course in modular sessions. Make a choice and register for it. DLA has also added some modules that you will find engaging and impactful.

MODULAR 1. Personal Success:

  • Success Habit
  • Family Success
  • Personal Health Management
  • Personal Transformation

 Modular 2 Leadership Development:

  • Leadership
  • Delegation & Supervision Strategy
  • Dynamics of Vision

Modular 3 Organizational Management:

  • Organizational Growth
  • Financial Management
  • Systems Development
  • Your Business and the Law
  • Introduction to Project management

Modular 4 Entrepreneurship Development:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Excellence Oriented Organization,
  • Marketing & Business Ethics
  • Leveraging Social Media