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Lolu Mogaji

Lolu Mogaji

Lolu is an image consultant, trainer, Businessman and a strong believer in the statement; "Image is everything". He believes that everybody must strive to discover, develop and project a strong and positive image, irrespective of their chosen vocation in life. Furthermore, he believes that a person, organization, or Nation's investment is incomplete until there is an investment in the image.

Lolu believes that as important as intelligence is in our world today, so also is an image. His primary focus is on Personal image/ Branding as they affect corporate growth. He is persuaded that both the successes and failures of organizations have their roots in the quality of the people that make up such organizations.

He is the managing partner at Image Quotient consulting and TNC Nigeria limited. He graduated from the Obafemi Awolowo University with a degree in Law and has worked and currently consults in various industries such as Advertising, Public Relations, Training and development, Fashion Manufacturing and Retail, and also in entertainment and events management and Radio broadcasting. He has been actively involved in youth development and youth ministry for upwards of 16 years.

By virtue of Lolu's PEDEGREE, his PASSION for the youth and also his unique and witty PRESENTATION STYLE, he acts as Facilitator, Mentor, Trainer and Counselor on numerous platforms both secular and Faith-based and to many individuals. Lolu has authored several articles many of which have been published both online and in national newspapers. He has also granted several interviews on Radio and Television annually. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria with his beautiful wife and children.

Phone: 08023527131, 08059546822


Twitter: @lolumog

Facebook: Lolu Mogaji.

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