Advanced Leadership Course

The Advanced Leadership Course which grounds your training as a leader will:


  • Develop and refine your personal characteristics needed to be truly effective leader.
  • Help you become confident, competent, skillful and visionary.
  • Make you become a compassionate and inspirational leader
    Foster creativity and innovation.
  • Help you develop team spirit and productivity
 #No Advanced Leadership Course Advanced Leadership Course (Executive)
 1 Laws of Success Laws of Success
 2 Time and Life Management Time and Life Management
 3 Leadership II Leadership II
 4 Mentoring Mentoring
 5 Problem solving Problem solving
 6 Career Success Not Available
 7 Team Building Team Building
 8 Public Speaking Public Speaking
 9 Family Success II Family Success II
 10 Ministry and Legal Issues II Ministry and Legal Issues II
 11 National Development National Development



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