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Bunmi Abe

Bunmi Abe

Management Consultant/Corporate Trainer in South Africa and Nigeria

Bunmi Abe is passionate about activating potentials in individuals and organizations, she has a Masters’ in Business Administration (M.B.A) from University of Leicester United Kingdom. A graduate of customer service programme from the University of South Africa, a Neuro-linguistic programming results practitioner who holds a certificate and advanced certificate in leadership from Daystar Leadership Academy and has attended several workshops.

As a management consultant, she focuses on service excellence and innovation, business improvement/sustainability and human resource development. Her training focus cuts across various employee soft skills.

Former Registrar Daystar leadership Academy Lagos, under her visionary and inspiring leadership she led her team to roll out new programs i.e. weekend Basic and Advanced DLA for busy people, executive DLA for GOs/leaders and new marketing strategies, all these initiatives increased the yearly attendance of programs by a wide margin. She facilitates family success classes in DLA, Bunmi believes marriage should provide a strong support system for individuals to actualize their purpose on earth; couples must be deliberate in their decisions, actions, spurring the union into an indomitable team thriving against all odds.

Bunmi Abe is a regular speaker on various platforms and happily married to Joseph Abe.