Kolade Segun-Okeowo
2013-09-18, 13:54
In 2009 My wife attended DLA. Each day, she returned to share with me the things she learnt. I read her lectures notes. I went wild and crazy. I applied the principles and they worked!

Since 1997, God had given us a vision for a film village. We‘d toyed with it and never had the boldness to even start. Following the DLA 2009 class, we applied the principles and started the project with virtually nothing. We only had enough to inform friends and associate. Today, we have bought more than 50acres of land. Our financial status has changed rapidly. Today, we pay more salaries than we ourselves earned in 2009.

Secondly, the lord led me into politics in 2003 but my wife wouldn’t hear of it. She even refused to pray about it, so I dropped the idea painfully.
However, when she attended the DLA, she heard Sam Adeyemi (The president of DLA) and her opinion about politics changed. She gave her support. I launched out and contested the Ogun state House of Assembly seat in my constituency, Sagamu. I won the primaries in my party with massive vote margin.

I thank Pastor Sam and the DLA Team for the initiative. I latter attended in 2013, and I was tremendously blessed by DLA.

Kolade Segun-Okeowo
Gospel Film Maker
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