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This is where we say to you CONGRATULATIONS!!!; for taking the giant step of enrolling for our leadership program. This is a success on its own, as there are many people out there who are still thinking and wishing to...

We can boldly assure you that this is money-back guarantee service, should it happen that you are not impacted positively in the course of your stay with us.

Though, we shall provide you all the necessary materials you need in class, yet, you should ensure to visit this page regularly during your stay with us, for announcement, and to download materials that are related to your participation in the ongoing session (should you misplace or need additional copies).


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The experience at DLA was life changing and transformational. The courses cut across all spheres of life, they were quite practical and insightful, I had never experienced anything like that before.

-Aloba O.

At DLA I learnt what it takes to be a leader indeed. My mentality changed as a result of the lectures. Now I understand what it takes to grow an organization, to be an entrepreneur, to bring change to myself, community, nation and the world at large.

- Faleye A.

Considering the drastic change in my life and work within one year via the knowledge I received at DLA,i thought it wise to come back and say thank you.


I had a dream of establishing an NGO(Non Governmental Organization) focusing on the street kids and their parents in Ilorin, Kwara State but how to go about it was not clear to me even after the C.A.C (Cooperate Affairs Commission) Registration.

Then, I concluded on coming back for the ADVANCE COURSE. Now the NGO (Home and Street Kids Welfare Initiative) has a primary school with 32 used to be street kids from Nigeria, Niger Republic and Mali. We also organize Skill Acquisition Class for their parents. Added with these are my wonderful team members, eleven of them all volunteers. The NGO is fast becoming an household name here in Ilorin. Thank you so much sir for showing us the practical way of organizing a flawless training.

- Funmi O.

Graduate of Basic

A graduate of  Basic Leadership Course can register for the Advanced Leadership Course.

The courses covered under the Basic Leadership course include;

Personal Transformation

Success Habits

Financial Management

Project Management

Systems Development


Leadership Development

Delegation Strategies


The Supernatural

Family Success

Organizational Growth

Building An Excellence-Oriented Organization

Personal Health Management

Dynamics of Vision

Ministry & legal Issues  



It is our desire to give everyone the opportunity to be a part of our school. Hence, we have designed our programs having you in mind.

The Week Day Programme:

The Basic and Advanced Leadership Certificate Courses run for on week days- Monday through Friday for the duration of the program.

The Basic Leadership Course for Teenagers is for students between the ages of 13-19 years old and it is a customized training. The courses are selected from the Basic Certificate Course and adapted with some other courses to fit the level of the students.

The Weekend Programme:

The Weekend Leadership Certificate Course (Basic and Advanced) is designed for busy people who cannot make out time during week days to attend lectures. The weekend programmes run Saturdays only for the specified duration.

The Executive Programme:

Daystar Leadership Academy also offers the Executive Leadership Course (Basic and Advanced) for General Overseers, Heads of Para-church ministries, flexible and church-minded Business Entrepreneur, Pastors, CEOs and their Spouses. This program runs for five days to suit their busy schedules. It comes with the full course materials (Soft and hard copy), top networking opportunity, and with breakfast and lunch being served. The material we will give you will empower you to step down the training to your workers, employees and even your board of directors.


Please feel free to check the course modules by clicking on the "Courses" tab above and if you are convinced that we have something great enough for you, then proceed to the "Admission and Registrationtab on how to apply.



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