Certificate Course in Basic Leadership

The Basic Leadership Course is designed to:

  • Increase your personal efficiency as a leader.
  • Equip you to raise purpose driven and excellence – oriented organization.
  • Develop your unique leadership skills.
  • Help you attain maximum success and excellence in every area of your life.



 Basic Leadership Course

 Executive Leadership Course (Basic)

Basic Leadership Course for Teenagers(Ages 13-19) 

 1 Personal Transformation Personal Transformation Personal Transformation
 2 Success Habits Success Habits Success Habits
 3 Financial Management Financial Management Financial Management
 4 Project Management Project Management Leadership
 5 Systems Development Systems Development Entrepreneurship
 6 Leadership Leadership Social Graces and Personal Health Management
 7 Leadership Development Leadership Development Academic Excellence and Career Development
 8 Delegation Strategies Delegation Strategies National Development
 9 Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Vision and Goal Setting
 10 The Supernatural The Supernatural Relationship Management
 11 Family Success Family Success Not Available
 12 Organisation Growth Organisation Growth Not Available
 13 Building An excellent Oriented Organisation Building An excellent Oriented Organisation Not Available
 14 Personal Health Management Personal Health Management Not Available
 15 Dynamics of Vision Dynamics of Vision Not Available
 16 Not Available Church Administration Not Available
 17 Not Available Church Finance Not Available