Advanced (Regular-Weekdays & Weekend, Executive)

This is the second stage of our leadership programme. You must have attended and completed the Basic class to be admitted into this. We advise that you stick to your chosen Basic class route i.e Executive or Regular. Sometimes, you might be admitted for the "Executive Advanced" if you started with us via the "Regular Basic" route, but not vice versa.

Our Tuition -

  • Executive - N50,000, 8a.m - 4p.m (This is inclusive of Tea Break, full Lunch and Course materials- Hard and soft copy)
  • Regular (Weekday  & Weekend) - N7500, 8:30a.m - 2p.m & 8.30 am - 4.00 pm.  (You will be given a workbook that summarizes all the course modules)
  • All payment are to be made to: GTbank - 0011920185 - Daystar Leadership Academy

How to Register

Registration is strictly online and you will be asked to provide your Basic class matriculation number  or details of when you attended. Contact us with your details if you do not know yours. You can make an online payment with your Interswitch card, or do an online bank account transfer, or make deposit physically at the bank and then come back online to fill the course registration form for that payment category.

Please note that no cash payment shall be collected on the first day of the class. Anyone in such category shall be directed to the bank and be required to fill the online form within the first 24 hours of session’s resumption before they can collect their training materials.

Please endeavor to read the registration instructions that is available on the portal before you start your application.

Click the "Online Registration" button at the top right corner of this website to REGISTER