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You will be awarded a Basic certificate in leadership and an Advanced Certificate in leadership at the end of the first and second stage of the programs respectively.


No, the basic course is a prerequisite for the advanced stage. Also, some courses start at the basic and have their continuation at the advanced stage.

Yes, the DLA certificate can be included in your resume.

The only difference between the two programs is that the regular runs from Monday to Friday while the weekend runs on Saturdays only. The number of modules and the course content are the same

The Executive programs is primarily targeted at the General Overseers, CEOs, Pastors, Business Executives and their spouses but can as well be attended by very busy employees and small but thriving and active business owners.

The participants come from the nooks and cranny of Nigeria, Africa and beyond. The course has a shorter duration; the class size is smaller and comes with breakfast, lunch and full course material.

The graduate of the executive class are empowered to go back and train their staff or even start similar leadership training and development outfits in their region.

Both programs are the same in content; you are to decide the route you want to take with us. The difference is in the target audience, and the structure of the program in terms of the cost and ambience.  

You are also considered as qualified, either as a result of your busy schedule, and or your job function as a General Overseer or Senior Pastor of a ministry, a Manager, CEO or Business owner.

Due to the shortness in duration of the training, it usually attracts more Pastors and Top Entrepreneurs with thriving businesses.

No, you don’t have to be a University graduate to attend the program. A good knowledge of English is all that is required. However, we run a specific Basic Leadership Course for Teenagers. It is strictly for young people between the ages of 13-19years only.

Yes, the programme is for every upward looking person, not minding your religious affiliations

No, you will take all the modules under each of the stages during the session you register for.

Yes. But only if you are a refresher coming back to benefit from the training again or a student that failed to complete it earlier and now repeating e.g.  So as to meet the prerequisite for the second stage (Advanced Leadership Course). 

You need 90% attendance in class. On the overall, you can only be absent for one day by due permission request on justifiable or unavoidable situations like interviews, fixed examination or health ground.

Registration is strictly online. You can make an online payment with your Interswitch card, or do an online bank account transfer, or make deposit physically at the bank and then come back online to fill the course registration form for that payment category.

No cash payment shall be collected, anyone in such category shall be directed to the bank and be required to go back to fill the online form within the first 24 hours of session resumption before they can collect their training materials.

Yes. Navigate through the online payment portal, or call our telephone lines for further details.

If you do miss more than a day, you shall be required to repeat the entire class during another session.  If on health ground, you missed more than two days, you will be required to come back for the specific modules affected. Should you miss close to half of the course modules, you will be required to repeat the entire course.

Attendance register for the course will be via Biometric. Therefore, your Index Fingerprint shall be registered on successful completion of your registration, either at our office or on the first day of the session.

It is required of every participant to mark their presence every morning on the biometric machines on arrival to class. Please be aware that two days of lateness is calculated a one day absent. Please take note and adhere.

There is a link to reset your password at the bottom of the login page. A reset password will be sent to your email which you can use to login to your account

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